My story

This shop is specially made to be able to buy original giclees of my special paintings online. As a result, you do not have the high purchase costs of an original painting.

Annelies de Jong



My art aims to reflect the intimate connection to Source and the deepening experience of spiritual awakening. Fascinating is the contrast of my inner journey: “who am I” and the seductive dream world that I simultaneously try to create alongside the everyday themes. Creating imaginary worlds for oneself and others is of immense value.

I get my inspiration, among other things, from the spiritual journeys that I have made alone through India and Nepal. In these countries I have been to the most beautiful locations and I have had meaningful contact with the population, nature and culture. I experienced pure harmony in India and Nepal, an intense experience. You could call my work fantastic realism. In my paintings I try to combine the realistic, the fantastic and the loving. Influenced on my work are the great artists: Alice Buis, Ellen Lorièn and Johfra. My paintings invite you to wander with your eyes, in a colorful world to undergo a spiritual experience.


From a deeper layer of consciousness I receive one or more images in my performance, which I then ‘focus’ as I call it. I do this by looking for elements that clarify that image. To give it shape I make a sketch and the idea is written down. After collecting texture, pictures and photos, a new painting is created. I put all the collected photos and parts in a photo program and make a nice composition of it, until it represents my image. I make a painting based on this digital composition. Technique, style and working method are very important here. In my paintings I try to combine the realistic, the fantastic and the loving. I paint in the fine painting technique.