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The technique

I make my paintings in the fine painting technique. This is an old painting technique for oil paint in which very deep, glossy paintings can be made layer over layer. It is an extremely labor-intensive technique that was widely used in Flemish and Dutch painting from the 17 century.e eeuw.

The technology was further refined by the Dutch schools, and now the modern materials make it possible to create a contemporary look. We work on a panel that has been pre-treated with gray acrylic paint, which provides a mid-tone. Here, the design is first applied in pencil and then the dark areas are applied with umber (brown tint) and the light parts are applied with white. The entire composition, form and structure are recorded and determine the painting.

After the underpainting is finished, the overpainting follows in color. These are several thin transparent layers of paint on top of each other. Before a new layer is applied, it must first dry thoroughly, possibly with the help of intermediate varnish. This is repeated until the desired result, color, depth effect, contrasts, structure is achieved. This can take months and therefore this is a very labor-intensive technique.

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