Annelies de Jong

Artist Annelies de Jong was already very creative at a young age. This was reflected in the creative subjects at school, which she was very good at. As a child, De Jong wanted to go to art academy, but because it was not customary in the family where she grew up to do or develop something with your creativity, De Jong chose a profession that was in demand. She decided to take painting lessons in addition to her job. At the time, that was not self-evident. Here De Jong could continue to develop her creativity. Annelies de Jong learned a highly developed fine painting technique that she combined with very original designs. Fascinating is the contrast of her inner journey: “who am I” and the seductive dream world that she manages to create at the same time in addition to everyday themes. Creating imaginary worlds for oneself and others is of unprecedented value. De Jong's paintings can be classified under the heading of magical realism. De Jong draws inspiration from the spiritual journeys she has only made through India and Nepal. “I have been to the most beautiful locations in these countries and have had meaningful contact with the population, nature and culture. I have experienced pure harmony in India and Nepal, an intense experience. ”

Once in her hushed world, wandering with the eyes, the alluring image keeps you trapped in the colorful world for a while, inviting you to undergo a spiritual experience. Annelies de Jong directs the viewer to what she wants to show him or her. The great artists: Alice Buis, Ellen Lorièn and Johfra have an influence on De Jong's work. For many years in a row De Jong made use of the studio of the great artist Johfra, the deceased husband of Ellen Lorièn. Ellen Lorièn's critical judgment has ensured that De Jong can give her paintings even more depth. The technique is still being further developed by De Jong, with each painting the maximum is achieved from her technique, an intense color and depth effect, fascinating light-dark contrasts, sharp detailing and convincing fabric expression. Annelies de Jong's work can be seen during exhibitions and possibly by appointment in her studio.



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