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After more than a year, it is now time for a new design. I painted the last painting “devotion” on a ready-made “sparrow” panel. That suited me very well, so I will also paint this design on a “sparrow” panel. They are beautifully smooth and sleek, which makes painting very nice. I have an idea, which of course was inspired by my trip through Nepal. I start to sketch my idea. Then I collect different images, preferably from my own photo file. That way it remains unique and my own idea. When I have outlined the idea, I will work out as many designs as possible in a photo program. Just cut and paste until I think this is nice. I take the entire composition into account. I then put different elaborated designs in a design sheet and then choose 1 from that. I then work it out again until all positions are correct in the design. Here you see a design sheet with the different designs and finally chose 1.

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