Oil on panel - 120 x 80 cm. - 2018

Today I have decided that the painting “devotion” is finished. It's always a difficult moment because I've worked on it for so long and painted every detail with a lot of love and dedication. It is also the moment when I feel the painting completely inside. It also always makes me a bit emotional. So grateful and amazed that I created this, so personally. 

The idea of my painting arose from the trips I made through India and Nepal. I was deeply involved with the people and the faith, and was very impressed by the rituals whereby small offerings such as flowers, incense or food are offered to a symbolized cult image, such as the Himalayas, Ganges, statues of gods, temples, etc. This is done daily, with great dedication. You feel the powerful energy that is released and flows through you. Very special to experience. In this way rituals inspire us to live more consciously, to become better people and to make a valuable contribution to the world around us. A number of these elements have been combined in this painting.

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