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This painting is now finished. If you are interested in the painting, you can contact us via the contact form or send an e-mail to:

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titel: "journey home" , formaat 30 x 50 cm. olieverf op paneel
De Boodschap
Painting - "the message" - 120 x 80 cm

Buy a giclée

You can now. A giclée of each painting can be printed on request. A perfect print with an officially signed certificate. 


  1. You can print it on many types of material and in any desired format.
  2. There is a limited edition.
  3. The costs are low compared to an original painting.

Expected exhibition 2021

22 to 24 May 2021

Due to the outbreak of the Corona virus, the planned exhibition could not take place during Whitsun. Let's hope it can continue in 2021.

my paintings can be seen during the art route from art yard in Ooststellingwerf, in gallery Art Alice Gallery.

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About Annelies de Jong

The paintings of Annelies de Jong can be placed under the heading of magical realism.

Once in her hushed world, wandering with the eyes, the alluring image keeps you trapped in the colorful world for a while, inviting you to undergo a spiritual experience.

Press releases and publications

Some press releases have appeared from the past exhibitions. You can read all published press releases and publications here. 

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Persbericht Coevorden courant 2019
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